«Being Leonardo da Vinci», the Genius lives again 500 years from his death between cinema and theater

Five hundred years after his death, Leonardo lives between cinema and theater. Taken from the internationally successful theatrical show Being Leonardo da Vinci. An impossible interview, the film Being Leonardo da Vinci, by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, arrives in Rome, exclusively at the cinema Farnese, on April 30. Two journalists from New York and Milan, unaware of one another, for the 500 years since Leonardo’s death are in search of a scoop. In Florence, for the first time, during a costume show between friars, tourists, and flag-wavers, unexpected traces are found. In Milan a document is discovered to find out who was the Man Leonardo through a scientific examination. They arrive in his last home at Clos Lucé and they really meet Leonardo. The interview is granted. The words of the Genius are in the authentic renaissance language. Eventually Leonardo flees through the basements returning to Vigevano and revealing himself to the most important characters of his story where he tells.

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