Leonardo Da Vinci, lock of his hair found: from its DNA, his descendants will be tracked down

“We have retrieved overseas the lock of hair that has been historically named Les Cheveux de Leonardo da Vinci, together with another relic; this extraordinary heirloom will allow us to proceed in the research of his DNA”.

That’s what’s been announced by Alessandro Vezzosi, scholar of the Vinci’s Genius and director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci, and by the  historian Agnese Sabato, president of the Leonardo da Vinci Heritage. All, along with other novelties, it will be shown, it explains, in the course of a press conference scheduled on May 2 in Vinci (Florence), which is also the day of the fifth centenary of Leonardo’s death.

“The lock of hair’s historical find – Vezzosi explains  – which until now had been kept in the secret of an American collection, will be exhibited in world premiere, along with documents proving its ancient French origin” at an exhibition in Vinci, Leonardo lives, still from May 2.

Another discovery concerns the so-called ‘Naked Gioconda” of the Museo Ideale, which is a copy of the ‘Monna Vanna’ preserved in the Chantilly’s castle North of Paris, and dated to around 1503, the same year Leonardo began working on the more famous ‘Mona Lisa’.

The press conference will also be attended by Editech’s Maurizio Seracini, the author of the search for the lost “Battle of Anghiari” in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. “Our scientific tests have shown that in the Museo Ideale‘s painting, there are holes for the carry corresponding exactly to those of the Museum Condè’s Cardboard at Chantilly, now attributed to Leonardo himself and to his study”, Seracini discloses.

The exhibition “Leonardo lives”, realised with the collaboration of the Municipality of Vinci, under the patronage of the National Committee for the Celebrations of the fifth centenary, and by the Region of Tuscany, also presents works of national museums and documents of State Archives never exhibited before.

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