Walking around Milan with the virtual reality in Leonardo da Vinci’s places

“You are Leo” is a virtual tour born the year in which Milan celebrates the Tuscan genius with a myriad of initiatives. A journey of an hour and a half, starting from piazza Duomo, the final destination in front of the Upper Room. A guide escorts and introduces, explains, points and then five times you put on the VR visor – in five iconic sites: the Duomo, Palazzo Reale, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Porta Vercellina, Santa Maria delle Grazie, – and it is Leonardo himself to speak. “The guides lead on History’s curb, the virtual allows you to dive inside of it”, says Way’s Marco Pizzoni. Because the city that Leonardo Da Vinci reveals it is not, of course, the contemporary one, but it is the Milan of his time, where he lived, where he worked, since the end of the 1400’s to the first decade of the 1500’s.

The virtual tour to discover Leonardo da Vinci

What can you see? The medieval Milan, with a Dome that not even remotely recalls today’s one; the church of Santa Tecla, which was just opposite; the bell tower of San Gottardo in Corte (where it is still today); Santa Maria delle Grazie, immersed in the green countryside, and moreover disappeared streets, churches and buildings, the high walls that encircled the town with the entrance door, the water in the canals. Let’s be clear: this is not a game about the city. Behind the street tour, there is scientific rigour and a long research conducted by a multidisciplinary team of art historians and architects (as well as digital designers, 3D technicians, filmmakers, copy), to find the right sources. The team designed the ancient city and gave voice to Leonardo without inventing anything. “We reconstructed a cross-section of its days in Milan, based on the Codex Atlanticus, and also on a novelette by Matteo Bandello, where the writer remembers how, as a child, he accompanied Leonardo from his workshop to the Upper Room’s construction site”, says Ad Artem‘s Laura Ferrara.

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