Leonardo da Vinci in 3D at the Fabbrica del Vapore: the Last Supper becomes virtual

“Leonardo da Vinci 3D” is the immersive experience at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, that until September 22, tells the story of the genius from Vinci, his life, his discoveries, his extraordinary works of art, through the most advanced technology including augmented reality and holograms.

The multimedia exhibition includes the entire work of the genius, with the life-size reproduction of its machines, but above all of his works of art. A digital gallery that allows you to discover even the smallest details of the paintings, capturing the minutiae of the landscapes, the anatomy of the bodies.

A room is dedicated to the Last Supper, while in the immersive room, conceived sort of as a church, the visitor is submerged by Leonardo’s art, in the balance between the real and the virtual, and between images and sounds.

The exhibition is produced by Medartec and the Municipality of Milan, with the artistic production of the Florentine Art Media Studio. Designed for digital natives, the exhibit defies the barriers between generations in order to address all age groups: from baby-boomers to the Millennials, up to the so-called Google generation.

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