Milan, the big mural dedicated to Leonardo and with a tribute to the Morandi Bridge

A wall of records: 250 meters of graffiti and paintings dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci made in a single day by over 120 people, with different works and techniques. Artists by profession and passion, citizens and students have collaborated to design the last stage of the project CosiMIPiace.

The initiative, organized by the association New Acropolis with the Italian Railway Network, since 2011, has operated in various airports in Milan and is back at the Porta Garibaldi, in Milan, to decorate the wall along Pepe street at the Isola. Spray-cans and brushes only worked for a day, but the project started months ago, with the announcement to select the works of 25 artists.

The result is a construction site under the direction of Gregory Mancino, aka Greg. A special work opens the wall:  the heart-shaped mosaic made with the shards coming from the houses below Genova’s Morandi Bridge.

The final stretch of the wall is open to young volunteers, between the students of the Govone middle school at the Isola, the boys of the Project of Aid to the Solidarity Study (PASS) of New Acropolis and a few outsiders such as Jenny, age 10, who has painted Mona Lisa’s dress purple.

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