Milan: the great continuous organ, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, lives

A warm sound, similar to that of the flute, fills the Palazzina Liberty in the heart of Milan: to play it, it’s the great continuous organ by Leonardo da Vinci, a sophisticated musical instrument powered by a new pedal mechanism that allows the musician to move the bellows to push the air in the reeds in a continuous way without having to take their hands off the keyboard.

To rebuild it, on the basis of the drawings of the sheet 76r of the Codex Madrid II, were the experts of Centro Studi Leonardo 3, who added a new element to the world’s most complete collection of Leonardo’s musical instruments, exhibited at the piazza della Scala’s museum.

To show how it works is Saverio Tamburini, the expert, who has collaborated in the reconstruction thanks to the many-century experience of his family: “This instrument has no need for external energy sources: just the strength of the legs is enough and to play it is not even difficult’, he says after the performance.

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