Leonardo Da Vinci’s vineyard move from Piazza Scala to the CityLife skyscrapers

The vineyard-inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, set in Milan’s piazza Scala on occasion of the Fashion Week, is moving to the CityLife’s skyscrapers district. The grapes, ripened in piazza Scala, were appreciated by the Milanese and the tourists alike, who had stopped to pick them up. Now the 170 vines of the vitis vinifera species, over two-metre tall, have been arranged in five rows, and occupy an area of over 1,500 square meters of the main entrance of CityLife, via Ortese. “CityLife’s Vineyard” will always be open to the public and will be accompanied by educational initiatives and recreational activities for the whole family, during the times of farming and harvesting, with the aim of bringing citizens closer to the care of the environment.

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