The secret of the Vitruvian Man is in the algorithm of the Divine proportion

The Vitruvian Man original drawing

That the Vitruvian Man kept inside some mathematical secret you could imagine, but not a formula used by artists from the fourth to the eighteenth century, to “certify” their works as inspired by the Divine Proportion. It’s “the secret algorithm,” identified by Roberto Concas, art historian, former director of the National Museums of Cagliari, the author of two volumes (edited by Giunti), the first one issued next January – and the curator of an exhibition that will take place in Cagliari in May 2020 organized by the State Museum Pole of the Sardinia region.

For five centuries, Concas explained to the ANSA press agency, the drawing would thus have concealed a deception, or rather the arithmetic and geometric formula that the shops used and handed down only between them, in compliance with the parameters imposed by the Catholic Church to make each type of work.

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