Leonardo da Vinci, Lichtenstein, De Chirico, and Federico Fellini: here are the major exhibitions of 2019 in Milan

Leonardo in the Sforza’s Castle, Antonello da Messina and Giorgio De Chirico at Royal Palace, Roy Lichtenstein at Mudec. And there is also Federico Fellini and his big cinema in a programme of major exhibitions in Milan, which will host starting from the first months of next year. It is a rich program that devised by the Municipality. A program that, of course, focuses a lot on Leonardo da Vinci, given that 2019 is the year of the celebrations for the 500 years after his death. The three main venues that will host exhibitions dedicated to him: the Sforza’s Castle, Royal Palace and Nine-hundreds Museum. All the schedule of the artistic, however, says the mayor Room “enhances the value of our history and the figure of the cultural of our city. It is a gift and a reminder to the people to return to our origins and an opportunity for the tourists to better understand the city, is a deliberate choice and not chance that it is right to do now”. But here’s the schedule divided by the exhibition venues.


THE SFORZA’S CASTLE. In addition to the Sala delle Asse (Plank’s Room) re-opening to the public, with a multi-media guidance that will aid the visitors in the understanding of the great work created to celebrate Ludovico the Moor, it will offer the visitors a virtual tour to discover the places of Leonardo in Milan, like the artist had to live them during his Milan’s stays.

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