From paper to the Internet, millennia of inventions in a single click

Progetto Culturale Google : Compact muon solenoid pixel detector - CERN (CH_EU)

From the first stone tools to the paper, from the steam engine to the Internet up to space travel, inventions have allowed us to give shape to our society. Google, with its platform Arts & Cultures, celebrates them in an online exhibition together with the inventors, scientists and visionaries who conjured them up. The project is called ‘Everything starts with an idea’ and has been realized with the contribution of more than 110 institutions of 23 countries of the world. In a single click, you can explore thousands of years of progress: “with 350 interactive exhibits, this is the online project, the most extensive ever made dedicated to the inventions and the discoveries,” explains Google.

Are 10 the Italian partner for the project. From the great scientific museums, such as the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci and the Museo Galileo, going to the Museum System of the University of Studies of Palermo – Historical Museum of Engines and Mechanisms, and the Museo Leonardiano in Vinci. And there are institutions such as the Fondazione Olivetti and the Fondazione Bracco. Collected stories of the pioneers such as Italian Camillo Olivetti, the founder of the company that the son Adriano has given to the history; or, like that of Guglielmo Marconi, father of radio, or of figures like Galileo Galilei and Virginio Schiaparelli, who have reimagined the space. And there is the story of large enterprises, historical and contemporary, from the transport of the Submarine Enrico Toti of the invention to protect the environment in case of spills of oil, designed by Saipem.

The initiative also includes the app for augmented reality, which relates to the ‘Big Bang’, developed by Cern of Geneva, together with the Google Arts & Culture. The voice of the actress Tilda Swinson guide to the discovery of the formation of the first stars, while the planet Earth take shape in the palm of your hand thanks to this technology. Using ‘machine learning’, machine learning Google, you can then use the archives of Nasa, who have 127mila historical images, thanks to the tool ‘NASA & Visual Universe’.

“We invite everyone to participate in the debut of a new project that celebrates innovation and science. Through the stories inspiring, and sometimes surprising, of more than 100 partners, it is possible to explore the inventions and discoveries that have shaped the world of today. ‘It all Starts with an idea’ is an exhibition that highlights that first attempt, that idea, that journey which allows the realization of a dream, and hopefully that will give people an additional incentive to reach their moment of eureka,” explains Amit Sood, director of Google Arts & Culture.

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