Leonardo and the dual landscape

Two different versions of the Leonardo Da Vinci “Landscape” (known as drawing 8P) on both the front and the back, and the confirmation of the genius’s ambidexterity: these are the news that have emerged thanks to the last campaign of investigations carried out by Florence’s Hard Stones’ Factory. Considered by many to be the first drawing known of the great artist, and certainly his first work is dated (August 5, 1473), the work will soon be the protagonist of `The origins of genius, an exhibition organized to Win for the fifth centenary of the death of Leonardo.

The analysis, led by Cecilia Frosinini, on the drawing, of the property of the Galleries of the Uffizi, has allowed the discovery on the back of the work of two landscapes superimposed completely different from the one drawn on the front: depicting a scene on the river, with a central water course and the two banks connected by a bridge, and on the left a formation of sharp rocks and jagged. Leonardo had set up this scenario, carbon black and subsequently stressed with the ink some forms, adding even of the mountain peaks.

From the examination of the back, emerge, moreover, from the river landscape in the lower left and higher, some of the drawings tip of the lead, a flower, stylized (a rosette) and geometric motifs. Finally, the Hard Stones’ Factory has also revealed the presence of some of the tracks just recorded, with a style so-called “blind” or “achromatic”. The study of the design and, in particular, the analysis of handwriting two writings have also confirmed the VInci’s genius’s ambidexterity. According to the Hard Stones’ Factory, both the lettering, is drawn according to the famous Leonardo’s reverse writing, from right to left, the other written in the to the ordinary to be attributed to the hand of the genius from Vinci who used the left side for the word “mirror” and the right for the inscription on the back from the left to the right.

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