Milan Food City, Leonardo da Vinci’s cuisine prepared by the chefs

At Palazzo Bovara, the pop homage to Leonardo da Vinci: ten starred chefs have realized ten Renaissance dishes for a great banquet inspired by the master. Each chef has interpreted one of the elements in a subjective way, but also in line with Leonardo’s thought and, above all, with the values of Italian cuisine cropped up in the past five centuries. This is an initiative included in the program of the Milan Food City, the exhibition dedicated to the food. Today, on the occasion of the World Italian Cuisine Day, a hundred chefs from over 40 countries have arrived in Milan for the big party. So in the courtyard of Palazzo Bovara, among Leonardo’s dishes, a chickpea soup has been prepared according to the “Brodo de ciceri”‘s recipe which comes from Maestro Martino from Como, a celebrated chef living in Leonardo’stimes: it is still an actual dish, which is cooked in hundreds of restaurants around the world.

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