The autonomous drive car? A Leonardo da Vinci’s project

Let’s jump 541 years back, on the road you could met knights astride thoroughbreds, and donkeys whose load transported goods, and travelers: it is in this period that the first autonomous drive car was born.
The vehicle at issue is well illustrated in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Codex Atlanticus, exactly at sheet f. 812r (former 296va); in particular, the “automotive cart” is an exceptional futuristic drawing which demonstrates how to make it move without the help of an external propulsion system.

Many scholars have devoted most of their research to read and interpret the representations of the Anchiano’s scientist, in particular the Tuscan Girolamo Calvi, in 1936, nicknamed “Leonardo’s FIAT” the project at issue.

The artist, at the time of the facts, had not intended it to be used for transportation, but he had depicted and inserted it in his production of sketches to be shown as entertainment for the guests of the celebrations organized at court; especially for the Medici’s one, at which he worked on behalf of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

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