Florence, «Crafts and Palace» celebrates its 25th birthday and the Golden Florin

A hundred master craftsmen from Italy and from all over the world, the “Leonardo and the Battiloro” exhibition, the recipes of Russian tradition and a special fundraiser for the restoration of some works of art bequeathed by the Russian community. Crafts and Palace, the event created by Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani, celebrates the edition number 25, and the awarding of the Golden Florin, announced by the mayor Dario Nardell: “It’s the message of a city that is experiencing a new renaissance of the craft. I am happy that Florence has shown up with a month dedicated to crafts – the mayor said – We can build on crafts what Milan has built on design”.

Promoted and organized by the’association of the Corsini Garden, the event takes place in the seventeenth century Corsini Garden in Florence, from May 16 to 19 Among the novelties,  there is the “Leonardo and the Battiloro” exhibition , dedicated to the creative career of Giusto Manetti Battiloro, who since over 15 generations has produced the real gold and silver leaf, through a production process where high technology and traditional craftsmanship meet. At the center of the exhibition, held in the Limonaia of the Corsini Garden, also the reproduction of a machine created by Leonardo da vinci and designed for the production of sheets from cantilever, used both for gold leaf and for coins and medals.

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