Lombardy and Piedmont Museums’ club card now includes Da Vinci-related events

As shown in the new billboards peppered through Milan’s underground, the Lombardy and Piedmont Museums 1-year club card, in addition to allowing free entry to many permanent museums, extraordinarily gives access to temporary Leonardo-related events and exhibitions for the 500th anniversary from his death on May 2, 1519 in Amboise, France.

Thanks to the Museums’ Subscription, Subscribers have access to 20 appointments with Leonardo and thanks to Formula Extra the offer becomes even more convenient.

A special promotion, a simple and practical tool that allows you to save money by accessing Leonardo’s heritage and initiatives in Lombardy and Piedmont, at liberty for 365 days. Subscription Museums as a connector realizes virtually, and not only, the largest exhibition of Leonardo in Italy, involving, in a network that is also Leonardo’s, 420 institutions, two regions covering almost 50,000 km ² . An extraordinarily rich path to see, understand, learn, approach Leonardo da Vinci not only through museums and institutions that, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary, celebrate the genius with exhibitions and appointments, but also an itinerary of discovery, through the places visited by the artist in his travels in Northern Italy.

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